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Hello everyone! I am finally done with the f-list CUT!!! It was really hard to do!

I have been doing this all day! Glad Its over now! I've narrowed it to 50 friends I think!

Including all the 21 lovely people who commented in the previous post! I am grateful to you all!

Along with my mom, sisters and best friends! Also my co-workers from different communities.

I want to post more often nowadays (hopefully), very personal entries! That I don't want just anyone to see them!

That is why I hope you come to an understanding to why I had to do this!

I want people who actually care about me as person to read them! And share their honest opinion or advice.

If you missed the post earlier and want to be added again! Please leave a comment here or pm me and I will get back to you.

If I removed anyone by mistake, make sure to inform me right away!!! It was a huge list, I might done something wrong.

Once again I say~ To my new f-list:

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu~ KameDa *hugs* to you all!

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Okay.. I was fighting with myself.. I didn't want to watch this. I mean after I saw the caps and read the summary. I really didn't want to... But I know I had to. Cause I have been watching him since he started training for it. He worked so hard for it. He did his best. He is Indeed very admirable! Each second of it was intense and he reached his limit. He kept trying so hard. But too bad at the end he couldn't do it. I can tell he was frustrated that he couldn't make it! I was crying while watching it! It was so emotional. And He looked kinda ashamed and kept apologizing. Though everyone clapped for him! Encouraged him! They were trying to make him feel better! What he did wasn't easy! Any Baseball fan would know! What he couldn't do~ He will make it happen! He will keep training until he can pull it off! The one thing I know for sure about Kame that he hate to lose and he never give up no matter what! I believe in him so much! I only can cheer him on and support him! Kame I am so proud of you love! You are talented! You are Amazing! You made me realize that nothing comes the easy way no matter how badly we want it! We need to keep working hard until we reach our goal! I learned a lot from you! And I loved you even more! It was good to see this side of you! Do your best! Keep Fighting! And You will get your home run! I am sure of it.

 P.S Feel free to ignore this~ But I had to get it out! Thank You! :)


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