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Hello everyone! I am finally done with the f-list CUT!!! It was really hard to do!

I have been doing this all day! Glad Its over now! I've narrowed it to 50 friends I think!

Including all the 21 lovely people who commented in the previous post! I am grateful to you all!

Along with my mom, sisters and best friends! Also my co-workers from different communities.

I want to post more often nowadays (hopefully), very personal entries! That I don't want just anyone to see them!

That is why I hope you come to an understanding to why I had to do this!

I want people who actually care about me as person to read them! And share their honest opinion or advice.

If you missed the post earlier and want to be added again! Please leave a comment here or pm me and I will get back to you.

If I removed anyone by mistake, make sure to inform me right away!!! It was a huge list, I might done something wrong.

Once again I say~ To my new f-list:

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu~ KameDa *hugs* to you all!

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GOD! I freaking love him! I know this is a meaningless post! BUT I JUST HAD TO! I LOVE YOU! T___T

I can't believe Its back! It took long enough though! It was worth all the wait! YOU ARE THE BEST BENNY!!!

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Favorites List: {01} T.V Shows

I've had this idea for awhile now, to make posts with my favorite lists of T.V Shows, Movies, Drama, Anime and others.
Today I'll start with my Top 20 favorite T.V Shows of all times! (not including the new ones with only one season).

But If you must know, I am currently into ( The Following, Hannibal, Chicago Fire, Beauty and the Beast, Arrow ).
Of course my most favorite and the best is no.1! If you want to check out my list you can see it under the cut.


The Full List  )

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Kamenashi Kazuya, showed everyone that he is more than an artist and how truly talented he is in many ways! God, bless his soul! ♥

A lot of people thought It was impossible for Kame to make his home run! but we all believed in him! And We knew he could make it! And what do you know? He did his best with a great result like we all expected!

Kazuya, You should be happy, proud, thrilled! You are an amazing hard-working person! We love you so much! We must celebrate! We must do something!

My hands hurt from clapping too much! God, Kazuya you are so wonderful! I can't stop clapping and crying! I am so proud of our boy! :""""")

Even when Kame is busy with work and other shows, he still finds time to practice as much as he can! Whenever and wherever! We should all learn from him!

Kame's hands were all wounded and full of bruises! How hard working can he get? :""""" When he sets a goal to himself he give it his all and try his very best! ♥

I am very happy! words can not even describe my emotions at the moment! I just want to let everyone knows his great achievement!

I mean anyone, and I say ANYONE can really see how amazing and talented Kazuya really is! In performing,acting,hosting...etc... You name it! He is READY!

I was so touched *crying* and happy when I saw him jumping and screaming *It went in* His smile was priceless! I could tell it was from deep down! ♥

I kept crying through the whole thing, I am sure you did too! It became a wonderful memory from 2012!

I am blessed and thankful for being one of his lucky fans! Kame's Ai all the way! ♥

If you haven't watched it yet, then you really SHOULD.

Gifs: HERE.
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Happy 43th Birthday Hyde~Sama!

Feelings,Video and Gifs <3 )


Icons, Happy Birthday Banners




Icons & Banners ) @ [livejournal.com profile] final_faith
Post will be locked in 3 days! ;)
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Happy 39th Birthday KimTaku~!

Cause I am so busy these days and can't talk much or make a post that give this guy what he really deserve! :(
I will add gifs that shows bits of him! ♥








And Cause I adore ShinTaku to death! ♥

Gifs made by [livejournal.com profile] ginger001
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,,,Special Date,,,

10 - 10 - 2010


*sends much love to f-list*
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Jpop: Kanjani8 [Yokoyama You,Shibutani Subaru,Murakami Shingo,Maruyama Ryuhei,Yasuda Shota,Nishikido Ryo,Okura Tadayoshi]
Misc: JE [Nishikido Ryo]


Here @ [livejournal.com profile] final_faith


Jpop: Arashi [Matsumoto Jun,Ninomiya Kazunari,Aiba Masaki,Ohno Satoshi,Sakurai Sho]
Jpop: KAT-TUN [Kamenashi Kazuya,Taguchi Junnosuke,Tanaka Koki,Ueda Tatsuya,Nakamaru Yuichi]
Jpop: NEWS [Koyama Keiichiro,Nishikido Ryo,Yamashita Tomohisa,Masuda Takahisa,Kato Shigeaki,Tegoshi Yuya]
Misc: JE [Nishikido Ryo,Kimura Takuya]


Here @ [livejournal.com profile] final_faith 
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Hi Guys! so Here is it! My Graphics Community!
Its still new made! If you added me for my graphics you may as well join there!
cause all my upcoming posts will be there! and if anyone wants to co-mod with me?
so it won't be just my comm alone! if you are a graphics maker as well got it?! thats all!


WATCH/JOIN the community.
[livejournal.com profile] final_faith  is a Graphics community brought to you by [livejournal.com profile] kamesoul 
You will find things I make such as icons, banners, wallpapers, headers, gifs, sigs, fanvids, moodthemes and more.
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Kamenashi Kazuya Graphics BD Post:
(60) Icons. by kamesoul
(20) Gifs. by lie_chan_kame & kamesoul
(10) Wallpapers. by lie_chan_kame
(05) Friends Only Banners. by kamesoul



~To The Graphics~ ) @ [livejournal.com profile] kame_world 
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ahh at last its the Joker birthday lol..
I worked hard for this one really... and it was tiring.. esp the Gifs~!
so I hope you all like some of them.. and please credit if re-sharing~!


Happy Birthday Tanaka Koki !!!

Icons (25)
Gifs [200x150] (15)



~with a little wish~ )
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Hello guys.. What's up?
hehe.. cause I downloed Sapuri OST which is really amazing... I had to watch the drama again..
so I ended up making few gifs of the first 3 eps I hope you like them thou..

Preview {Resized}:


Yuya <333 )
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Matsumoto Jun Birthday Post:
Icons (26)
Wallpapers (7)
Gifs (7)
Header (1)
Banner (1)

*huggles Jun* )


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Hi evreyone I know Its a bit early .. But I cant help it !!
Happy Birthday !! Ko-chan !! You are 23 Today !! Love U Forever !!

Its Ko-chan birthday yay !! I love him so much !! We all know him of course !!
He Is : The 2nd T Of Kat-Tun .. and Has so many amazing things !! >> I will talk about later !!


Happy Birthday & 1 Gif )
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Gif Tutorial:

I had to post this here! most of you must have seen this before!
but to share and be more helpful! I am trying to make this comm a better place!
to all of you who are making or going to make Gifs please link back to this post!

wanna learn? )
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I am back again with Gifs again .. Hope U Will Like Them ...
as I proimsed before here are the gifs for

Because .. I am little late .. I Made 4 Each +
1 JinXUeda 1 JinXJunno  >> Anizmix For U
Anizmix My Friend Hope U Have Fun On Your Trip And Come Back To Us Safely ne ?!

I Just Love these guys .. and sure... so as U .. come and see ne ?!
Here is a Teaser :

To The Gifs If U Please )
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Hi everyone Its Me Again Made 4 Gifs This Time ..
Its For You [livejournal.com profile] muchie05 
  Actully !! ... I made These For U .. Hope U Liked them ~Hugs~

For Akanishi-Tanaka From OXY CM ... HOPE U Will Like Them ... 
I Know I Said The Next Post Will be Ueda-Nakamru-Taguchi !! >> Please wait !!

So Here Is A Teaser :

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Hi ... How Are U All .. Hope  Everything In Your Life Is Boring And Dull ...
<< Just Kidding Hope Its Full Of
Happiness And Good Stuff !!

Okay .. U All Know I Did Not Make Gifs For Awhile Now ...
So I Made This From Many Videos But Mostly From Ck2U...

For This Time Its For : Kamenashi-Akanishi-Tanaka 3 For Each ...

Here Is A Teaser :

Warring : Heavy Gifs Too Hot For The Brain To Handle !!! ...

To The Gifs If U Please .. )
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Hi Guys !! How are you all hope you are all okay .. And doing well !!
5 X 5 X 5 Arashi (Gifs+Headers+Sigs) :


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