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Hello everyone, how are you all? Its been awhile since I posted here right? Sorry~ ^^"

Maybe some of you know that Today, The 5th of March is the day of my 20th birthday! *YAY*

When I am back and have time! I will edit this entry and tell you all everything about my birthday! :D

My Birthday hash-tag On Twitter: #sweetie20

You can leave a comment now and check back later to see how my day went! ^__^

A big Thank You to everyone who wished me a *Happy Birthday* and made me smile already! ❤
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At last I have time to edit this entry and talk all about my birthday! :D

I will start by talking about 2 days before which was on Saturday! We had a really bad weather! Its not a sand storm but kinda like it! Anyway since I only have one lecture that day! I thought I could skip and stay home! But somehow I had the feeling that I need to go real bad! Don't know why or how! I just did! My friend [livejournal.com profile] do_oma called me to check weather I am coming or not! She told me I don't have many hours left and I shouldn't skip anymore! Then I went on the bus to Uni! When I arrived there I sat in the cafeteria with some friends.

After some time she came and told me she wants us to drink coffee and go to some place! Then we ordered the coffee me her and some other friends! After that she took me to a far place in Uni! It was quite, calm and then at that moment I got the shock of my life! There two of my friends holding my birthday cake! I couldn't believe myself! It was a surprise of surprises! I was shocked like really really shocked! I mean two days before my birthday? And It was the birthday of one of her friends that I helped with! like I thought the whole day would be about her friend! Not me? I think time passed and I was still in shock! XD

Alright what happens next is really funny! When I was to blow the candles that never seemed to work! LOL One of the Uni staff came and scolded us then made us write and sign tickets! She asked what we were doing and why? We answered that one of the girls came out of the hospital and we are celebrating her release! *YEAH RIGHT* XD
I felt sorry for her right after! <3 All this was for me! I was shocked, touched, I even cried when I got home! It was an amazing unforgettable day!

So after the staff left! We started to eating the cake and having a good time! Then SUDDENLY out of nowhere! My friend gave me a bag! I thought Its a gift! Like a normal one! My hands were shaking... I looked at the paper warping whats inside! I was thinking: COULD IT BE? COULD IT BE? COULD IT BE? When the warping paper was out of sight! I looked and saw HYDE's face. *SHOCK* *SHOCK* *DEAD* *DEAD* *STARE* After a while I realized what it is... OH MY GOD! ITS XXX AND CHASE SINGLES! OH MY GOD! I was speechless... I didn't see this coming at all... You should have see my face! XD She got me! I swear! I would never forget this moment! This day! And everything that happened on it!

Later on Abeer gave me a present at the end of the day! Before I was going leave to home! A lovely pink box that had a loving,warming message and a really a wonderful perfume! I loved it the moment I smelled it! ♥ I will be careful while using it! I even love the bottle! Its called XD 

I would like to thank all awesome girls that were with me on Saturday! Deema,Abeer,Malak,Tahani,Ala'a. Love you girls a lot! ♥ ‎

I am Grateful! Thankful and blessed! Thank you very very very much for this wonderful day and these amazing presents! Love you so much Deema! Thank you for being the amazing,warm friend that you are to someone like me! ♥ ‎


Birthday Cake:


Its called *The Black Forest* Chocolate is LOVE! ♥__♥

The Two singles:

X X X and CHASE Singles!!!

Lovely Box and The Perfume:

Will edit more later about the day of my birthday! :D
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Happy 26th Birthday Kame-Chan!!!

Past Birthday Posts:
23 February 2009 [Icon,Wallpaper]
23 February 2010 [Icon,Banner,Gif,Wallpaper]
23 February 2011 [Icon,Banner]

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Jpop: KAT-TUN [Kamenashi Kazuya]



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I Can't believe I forgot to post this here. Damn you Uni...
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Happy 43th Birthday Hyde~Sama!

Feelings,Video and Gifs <3 )


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Happy 39th Birthday KimTaku~!

Cause I am so busy these days and can't talk much or make a post that give this guy what he really deserve! :(
I will add gifs that shows bits of him! ♥








And Cause I adore ShinTaku to death! ♥

Gifs made by [livejournal.com profile] ginger001
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Happy 28th Birthday Jun~Sama!

~Happy 28th Birthday Jun-Sama~Hope you have a Great Birthday Today~
~Jun, Your one of kind.. A special exsisntes that shines upon my life~
~From the very first moment I saw you, I fell for you! Your amazing~
~Everything about you makes me love you even more each day~
~You are the reason why I am the person who I am today~
~You made my life a great one and because of you~
~I met wonderful friends that I think of as family~
~Jun, No matter what I say It won't do you right~
~I am thankful to for every little thing you did~
~I am really blessed to be your fan dear~
~Jun, Will support you and forever~
~Love you always~ ♥♥♥


You always put a Prefect and Amazing performances!
You always work so hard to achieve the best results!
You help and care for others when they need you!
You are a really great planner and a good speaker!
Your character really is something to be adored for!
You are so devoted into what you do! Its admirable!
You are so talented and I am always amazed by what you offer!
You have so much to give! And you convey so much in everything!
You are beautiful.. literately in almost everything in your soul,and your heart!
You are so hot/sexy, too cool and such a Dos! I am your eternal fan Jun!
Your smile is so beautiful.. beautiful that I can't help but smile back at you!

~Only Jun fans would understand Just how much amazing this guy is and how we can't help but to love and adore him~
~ I really hope he spent unforgttable day and that he had so much fun on his birthday~
~I must say it once Happy Birthday Jun~Sama~


Isn't that face Just ADORABLE!!! ♥___♥
YES I LOVE Matsumiya!!! ♥♥♥

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Happy 39th Birthday Nakai~Kun!

~Happy 39th Birthday Nakai-Kun~ Hope you have a Great Birthday Today~

~No one has ever cheered me And made my life full of laughter like you~

~Thank you for Everything and Keep on being the Awesome Senpai we all love~

~Love you always~ ♥♥♥

...Wishing you your happiest birthday yet
A birthday too special To ever forget....

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Happy 38th Birthday GACKT~ Sama
4th of July Was Amazing... What can I write! What can I say? About this Man! I mean my writing skills isn't at their best right now! Sorry! XD I am even late posting this! Its all your fault really so Don't blame me! LOL The twitter project took all my power! I had to recharge so I can come back again! Its sad we didn't make it! But at least he thanked us! I am sure he was happy to know! Even lots of famous idols helped us! I thought I was so special being a GACKT fan! Hehe~ I even met new awesome friends!  And I had a great time indeed! And found myself loving him even more! Its true I am tired! Its true I haven't slept for two days! But you know! I had a really good time! It seemed like all of this worth it! Us Dear are a very strong amazing family! I love every single one of you guys! Oh GACKT! I really hope you had a great time on your birthday! You were even working real hard! Thank you so much for everything! Good luck on your Tour! Wish you all the best! Can't wait for the new PV! And of course It was extra special cause I saw you on my TV! *YAY* Its like a dream came true! You were so *KYA* amazingly beautiful! And since It was HD! I can tell for sure this man is darn pretty, hot and too cool! His words were so touching I almost teared! T_T Japan we are with you! Thank You GACKT! And your birthday was the best ever! I won't forget this day in my whole life! And If anyone want to watch it! HERE
Oh and of course~ Had to make something for his birthday~ 

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Jrock: GACKT



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Twitter Birthday Project for GACKT On July 4th! Please Join Us! More details Here.
Lets make It a world top trend~ ^__^ He will be happy for sure! :D
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Join L'Arc~en~Ciel

♥ ♥ ♥ Happy 20th L'Anniversary L'Arc~en~Ciel!!! ♥ ♥ ♥
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Happy Birthday Kazuya Sama!

Its already the 23rd on Japan! XD So! Here goes! *me screaming* HAPPY 25TH BIRTHDAY KAME CHAN~~~!  You have grown up a lot! And turned to be such an awesome/amazing/hot/cool/kind/etc.. man! Which me made love You even more than what I already do! Everything about you is perfect! You complete me! You Cheer me up! And You Bright up my life! And You who is so sweet and kind has touched my soul and my heart! Since the day I saw you! I felt Like this guy might be the one! This guy is more than what I expect! I Love,Respect,Admire the man named Kamenashi Kazuya! And I don't give a damn to what others might say or think! I am a loyal fan! Will Support him all the way! no matter what happens! Forever! So Kame chan please do your best! And Take a good rest sometimes cause you need it! Know that your fans will stay with you all times! :D

>>>I Love You More Than Life Itself<<<


Past Birthday Posts:
23 February 2009 [Icon,Wallpaper]
23 February 2010 [Icon,Banner,Gif,Wallpaper]

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"Top 31 Jpop\Jrock Christmas\Winter Songs"


Taken from no one. I thought about my favorite Jpop\Jrock Christmas\Winter Songs! and since Its December already! might as well start with it right? If you would like to do it as well that would be great! Each day for the next 30 days! Post a Christmas\Winter Song you like! with\without lyrics! and with\without download links. Tell what the song mean to you? Or what do you like mostly about the song? Does it have a special meaning or? Tag anyone if you feel like it. feel free to comment and express you opinion.

Day 01 - Day 02 - Day 03 - Day 04

**Today Is A Special Day**

Otanjoubi Omedetou Gozaimasu Dema-Kun

Day (05):

5th Of December )
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Happy Birthday Dear SRK!


Today,yesterday was the birthday of the most amazing man on this whole planet! the one who always care and do good things for others, the one who made me smile,laugh,cry and go crazy all the time! the one and only the awesome Shahrukh Khan, I've been a fan for a long time,seen most of his work, followed him through his life and I am glad I did cause to be honest  I learn a lot from him, his wisdom and way of thinking blew me away, his hardworking and the passion he have for his work makes you speechless! the amount of work he is doing is just unbelievable! that makes me do my best and try my hardest to achieve my goals! he is a wonderful husband,caring father,good freind,and a great performer! just looking at him gives you peace and hope! I love him for the bottom of my heart! can't wait to see more achievements from SRK! Keep Shining Forever! Thank You For Making My Life A Better one! May Allah Bless You My Dear! :D
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Happy Birthday Yuichi Sama!

Past Birthday Posts:
04 September 2008 [Nakamaru & KAT-TUN Picspam]
04 September 2009 [Icon,Banner]

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Jpop: KAT-TUN [Nakamaru Yuichi]



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Happy Birthday Jun Sama!

Past Birthday Posts:
30 August 2008 [Chibi Jun Picspam]
30 August 2009 [Icon,Banner,Header,Wallpaper,Gif]

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Jpop: Arashi [Matsumoto Jun]




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Kamenashi Kazuya Graphics BD Post:
(60) Icons. by kamesoul
(20) Gifs. by lie_chan_kame & kamesoul
(10) Wallpapers. by lie_chan_kame
(05) Friends Only Banners. by kamesoul



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Whii Today is the birthday of one of the most pretty funny cool guys ever!
Ring a bell? yeah he is KAT-TUN's T Taguchi! so for this happy happy day!
I made few icons and a banner! you really can't help but to love this guy ne?

Graphics: Icons (40)

Happy Birthday Tagu Chan! )
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ahh at last its the Joker birthday lol..
I worked hard for this one really... and it was tiring.. esp the Gifs~!
so I hope you all like some of them.. and please credit if re-sharing~!


Happy Birthday Tanaka Koki !!!

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Gifs [200x150] (15)



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