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Hello everyone! I am finally done with the f-list CUT!!! It was really hard to do!

I have been doing this all day! Glad Its over now! I've narrowed it to 50 friends I think!

Including all the 21 lovely people who commented in the previous post! I am grateful to you all!

Along with my mom, sisters and best friends! Also my co-workers from different communities.

I want to post more often nowadays (hopefully), very personal entries! That I don't want just anyone to see them!

That is why I hope you come to an understanding to why I had to do this!

I want people who actually care about me as person to read them! And share their honest opinion or advice.

If you missed the post earlier and want to be added again! Please leave a comment here or pm me and I will get back to you.

If I removed anyone by mistake, make sure to inform me right away!!! It was a huge list, I might done something wrong.

Once again I say~ To my new f-list:

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu~ KameDa *hugs* to you all!

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Favorites List: {01} T.V Shows

I've had this idea for awhile now, to make posts with my favorite lists of T.V Shows, Movies, Drama, Anime and others.
Today I'll start with my Top 20 favorite T.V Shows of all times! (not including the new ones with only one season).

But If you must know, I am currently into ( The Following, Hannibal, Chicago Fire, Beauty and the Beast, Arrow ).
Of course my most favorite and the best is no.1! If you want to check out my list you can see it under the cut.


The Full List  )

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Hello everyone, how are you all? Its been awhile since I posted here right? Sorry~ ^^"

Maybe some of you know that Today, The 5th of March is the day of my 20th birthday! *YAY*

When I am back and have time! I will edit this entry and tell you all everything about my birthday! :D

My Birthday hash-tag On Twitter: #sweetie20

You can leave a comment now and check back later to see how my day went! ^__^

A big Thank You to everyone who wished me a *Happy Birthday* and made me smile already! ❤
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At last I have time to edit this entry and talk all about my birthday! :D

I will start by talking about 2 days before which was on Saturday! We had a really bad weather! Its not a sand storm but kinda like it! Anyway since I only have one lecture that day! I thought I could skip and stay home! But somehow I had the feeling that I need to go real bad! Don't know why or how! I just did! My friend [livejournal.com profile] do_oma called me to check weather I am coming or not! She told me I don't have many hours left and I shouldn't skip anymore! Then I went on the bus to Uni! When I arrived there I sat in the cafeteria with some friends.

After some time she came and told me she wants us to drink coffee and go to some place! Then we ordered the coffee me her and some other friends! After that she took me to a far place in Uni! It was quite, calm and then at that moment I got the shock of my life! There two of my friends holding my birthday cake! I couldn't believe myself! It was a surprise of surprises! I was shocked like really really shocked! I mean two days before my birthday? And It was the birthday of one of her friends that I helped with! like I thought the whole day would be about her friend! Not me? I think time passed and I was still in shock! XD

Alright what happens next is really funny! When I was to blow the candles that never seemed to work! LOL One of the Uni staff came and scolded us then made us write and sign tickets! She asked what we were doing and why? We answered that one of the girls came out of the hospital and we are celebrating her release! *YEAH RIGHT* XD
I felt sorry for her right after! <3 All this was for me! I was shocked, touched, I even cried when I got home! It was an amazing unforgettable day!

So after the staff left! We started to eating the cake and having a good time! Then SUDDENLY out of nowhere! My friend gave me a bag! I thought Its a gift! Like a normal one! My hands were shaking... I looked at the paper warping whats inside! I was thinking: COULD IT BE? COULD IT BE? COULD IT BE? When the warping paper was out of sight! I looked and saw HYDE's face. *SHOCK* *SHOCK* *DEAD* *DEAD* *STARE* After a while I realized what it is... OH MY GOD! ITS XXX AND CHASE SINGLES! OH MY GOD! I was speechless... I didn't see this coming at all... You should have see my face! XD She got me! I swear! I would never forget this moment! This day! And everything that happened on it!

Later on Abeer gave me a present at the end of the day! Before I was going leave to home! A lovely pink box that had a loving,warming message and a really a wonderful perfume! I loved it the moment I smelled it! ♥ I will be careful while using it! I even love the bottle! Its called XD 

I would like to thank all awesome girls that were with me on Saturday! Deema,Abeer,Malak,Tahani,Ala'a. Love you girls a lot! ♥ ‎

I am Grateful! Thankful and blessed! Thank you very very very much for this wonderful day and these amazing presents! Love you so much Deema! Thank you for being the amazing,warm friend that you are to someone like me! ♥ ‎


Birthday Cake:


Its called *The Black Forest* Chocolate is LOVE! ♥__♥

The Two singles:

X X X and CHASE Singles!!!

Lovely Box and The Perfume:

Will edit more later about the day of my birthday! :D
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Happy 43th Birthday Hyde~Sama!

Feelings,Video and Gifs <3 )


Icons, Happy Birthday Banners




Icons & Banners ) @ [livejournal.com profile] final_faith
Post will be locked in 3 days! ;)
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Run For You by KAT-TUN On August 3, 2011


Run For You [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]
2. [DVD] RUN FOR YOU (music video + making-of)
CD Japan | HMV Japan | Yes Asia | Amazon.jp

Run For You [Regular Edition (First Press)]
5. RUN FOR YOU (karaoke)
6. COSMIC CHILD (karaoke)
7. DIAMOND (karaoke)
8. & FOREVER (karaoke)
CD Japan | HMV Japan | Yes Asia | Amazon.jp

Run For You [Regular Edition]
5. RUN FOR YOU (karaoke)
6. COSMIC CHILD (karaoke)
7. DIAMOND (karaoke)
CD Japan | HMV Japan | Yes Asia | Amazon.jp

Support KAT-TUN! Buy the Single! :D


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My Exams Are Over At Last!!!

Thanks to everyone who wished me good luck!!!

You guys are awesome!!! Much love to all of you!!!

I did my best! I hope when the results come out I will be satisfied!!!

But now I will rest for a whole week!!! Need to chill and take some time off!!!

Oh and anyone missed me? I am sure you all do!
Cause I am so special! Yeah~ Right! XD

Minna~san~ I need a hug! LOL



Jan. 8th, 2011 05:07 pm
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Hi, how are you guys?
So I am posting this Again! Its time for it! T_T

Hiatus for 4 weeks at least
because of my exams
wish me luck guys :D

As for kame_world Mods take care of it ne! 
Please keep on checking it! I am depending on you all!
I won't be online at all *sighs* I will miss you guys! *hugs*
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,,,Special Date,,,

10 - 10 - 2010


*sends much love to f-list*
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Don't bother to read...unless you actually care... I am having so mixed up feelings at the moment! I am hating myself and everyone seems to dislike *hate* me already! *sighs* anyway I am thinking of leaving the fandom for awhile! starting from next week If I could! I need to focus on my studying and my life! I want to achieve something big in my life! and build up my life the way I am hoping it to become! so I wish everyone understand my decision! Its not like I won't be around anymore! but it will be kinda of hard to me to keep up with everything and everyone's updates! that also means I can't continue providing or sharing anything in the mean time! though I have lots of things I was hoping to share! As for my graphics that has to stop for awhile my next batch will be the last for I don't know how long! and Kame_World means a lot to me and I feel like I am betraying it and turning my back on it! and that hurts a lot! but everyone have real life that is affecting him\her. I will try to keep on checking it! and I was hoping I could discuss this with the mods but I couldn't! Sorry guys! *bows*

To those who added me without commenting don't be upset if I don't add you back without you introducing yourself first its really that simple! And to those who insulted me in a lot of ways I hope you are very proud of yourself and are very happy! all I can say Thank You! and Goodbye!

P.S I Love you my f-list forever! Don't forget that ever ne! :D
I know myself and I can't be gone very long! XD
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Hi, how are you guys?
So I am posting this Again! Its time for it! T_T

Hiatus for 3 weeks at least
because of my exams
wish me luck guys :D

As for kame_world I will try my best to keep on checking it!
Mods please keep on checking it! I am depending on you all!

P.S Got a new Jun header and a pink layout... I won't stop don't I? XD
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thank you so much guys for your support!
glad to let you know I did well in almost all of them!
and today was the last one! it was strangely VERY easy!

so as I said that I am half back!
not full! but at least I am here!
to anyone who was having
exams too REST well ne?

bye bye~ with love Soul :D

hmm somehow my entries
are getting shorter each day ha? LOL


Jan. 26th, 2010 05:43 pm
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Hiatus for 3 weeks at least
because of my exams
wish me luck guys :D

As for kame_world I will try my best to keep on checking it!
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Yo! Minna! How's everything going?? cause I was looking for a good songs!
I remembered these! I love them so much! I wanna share them with you all!
These are just Some ! there is too many songs that I love so as you ne? hehe! plus the scans!
If someone wants the PV for the 2nd one let me know!

Title: Shugo Chara! Character Song CD - Utau Hoshina
Artist: Mizuki Nana
Category: Single/Soundtrack
Release Date: December 19, 2007
Type: Single


1. Meikyuu Butterfly - MF
2. Blue Moon - MF 

Ttile : Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi
Artist: ON/OFF
Category: Single/Soundtrack
Release Date: June 04, 2008
Type: Single

1. Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi - MF 
2. Signal - MF
3. Asayake - MF
4. Sagashimono - MF
+ Scans - MF

Ttile : Shugo Chara!! Character Song Collection!
Artist: many artists. 
Category: Single/Soundtrack
Release Date: ?.?.?
Type: Album


1. Niji iro Chara Change! - MF
2. Meikyuu Butterfly - MF
3. Happy Xmas - MF
4. Ii Koto Arisou - MF
5. Kimi no Birthday - MF
6. Blue Moon - MF
8. Saikyou LOVE POWER - MF
9. Heartful Song - MF
10.Yume no Tsubomi (Bonus Track) - MF

Credits: ON/OFF = blueskypedal & Shugo Chara Collection!
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~Happy Birthday Akanishi Jin Sama~


Hello~ everyone~ what's up! I am sure all of you are as happy as me! LOL!
well its not the 4th yet! BUT! its already in japan! SO I must say! Happy Birthday Jinjin <333
so for this special day! I had to make something! of course! I came back with a Huge batch of icons! for the one & only! hope you all like them! and I wish all of us enjoy this day! the theme is ~Jin's past to present~! here we go: Icons Akanishi Jin (100)

~Happy Birthday Jinjin~ )
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Hay .. whats up evrey one .. !! I am so glad and super .. super happy ..
cause fainlly Kat-Tun Is having a new single and its called White Christmas !!

WaW my head is in a big damage right now .. I keep on thinking how the song
will sound like .. Or how will the PV be like .. how they will look like .. 
I gusse most of you understand Right ?!

I missed them so much .. I cant wait to see them .. It seem that the song is calm and cool not rock ..
I think Its really good this way .. cause they have not relesed a pop single for a long time ..
The last ones is DYES & LIPS & Keep The Faith all of these are amazing .. but all of them are rock ..
I love rock but I missed hearing them in calm pop songs ..

Its The Best presnet Ever !! So All The Way Kat-tun .. I Love you Forever ..

What about You Guys What do you feel about this wondrful suprise ?!

Okay Eoungh Talking : So Its An Icon Batch post With Kame pairs In Kat-Tun
Lovely Check it out !! This Time : Tanaka & Taguchi

As I said before the next post is about Kame X Koki & Kame X Taguchi ..
Its just an idea .. hope you will .. like it too .. ..

Preview :


To The Icons )
Rules :
- Comment If U Take..
- Credit If U Use..
- Do Not Hot-Link..

Credits :
Pictures All Around The Net ..
Texture By
Hybrid Genesis ..
Thank U So Much..Hope U Liked Them..

Note :
I Made This Cause I Wanted To .. Hope You Liked Them ..
The Next Post Is About : Kame X Jin & Kame X Other Icon patch (20) ..


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