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Devil Side - VAMPS {PV - MP3}

Shake shake shake on the floor
Take take take take me lower
Loud loud loud beating rhythm
Hush Hush Hush keep it secret

Reckless without reason
Defenseless dive on the floor
Baby ready set fly away

I'm in a trance with you Forget
Embrace our instinct
I want to see your other face
Kissing your lips
Calling for your devil side

Come come come on you're thirsty
Shame Shame Shame don't be so shy
(Right or wrong who decided?)
Talk talk talk monsters talking
Reckless without reason
Defenseless dive on the floor
Baby ready set fly away

I'm in a trance with you Forget
Embrace our instinct
I want to see your other face
Kissing your lips
Calling for your devil side

Baby fly away from this world

I'm in a trance with you Forget
Embrace our instinct
I want to see your other face
Kissing your lips
Calling for your devil side

I'm in a trance with you Forget
Embrace our instinct
I want to see your other face
Kissing your lips
Calling for your devil side
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OMG! *fails* *dies* *claps* *amazed* *dead* *watch again* *screams* *KYAAA* *OMG* *OH BOY* *WOW* *AHHHH* *EHHH* *dies again* I know why this show is my favorite! ITS AMAZING!! OMG! I am *speechless* My boys are So Good~ So Talented~ And Of course~ So Freaking Awesome! KAT-TUN! <333 From the moment It started I went screaming FROM REAL FACE! There were so many GREAT moments! All of them were fabulous *___* and really handsome! *dead again*

 Much More AWESOME!!! )
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Okay.. I was fighting with myself.. I didn't want to watch this. I mean after I saw the caps and read the summary. I really didn't want to... But I know I had to. Cause I have been watching him since he started training for it. He worked so hard for it. He did his best. He is Indeed very admirable! Each second of it was intense and he reached his limit. He kept trying so hard. But too bad at the end he couldn't do it. I can tell he was frustrated that he couldn't make it! I was crying while watching it! It was so emotional. And He looked kinda ashamed and kept apologizing. Though everyone clapped for him! Encouraged him! They were trying to make him feel better! What he did wasn't easy! Any Baseball fan would know! What he couldn't do~ He will make it happen! He will keep training until he can pull it off! The one thing I know for sure about Kame that he hate to lose and he never give up no matter what! I believe in him so much! I only can cheer him on and support him! Kame I am so proud of you love! You are talented! You are Amazing! You made me realize that nothing comes the easy way no matter how badly we want it! We need to keep working hard until we reach our goal! I learned a lot from you! And I loved you even more! It was good to see this side of you! Do your best! Keep Fighting! And You will get your home run! I am sure of it.

 P.S Feel free to ignore this~ But I had to get it out! Thank You! :)

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Japan: Hopes fade for finding more survivors...

As officials desperately tried to prevent disaster at a damaged nuclear facility, hopes faded for finding survivors amid the rubble as snow and cold blanketed the areas most affected by the earthquake and tsunami in northeast Japan. Residents were allowed back into damaged areas for the first time since the disaster to inspect what might be left of their homes. And flights out of Japan were full as foreign nationals and others left the country. The Big Picture continues special daily coverage of the disaster through tomorrow, with later updates anticipated as events merit. -- Lane Turner

Source: boston.com

More Pictures Under Cut! It breaks my heart to see these pictures! Japan! I love you and I hope,wish,pray that you will stand up again and be the most amazing country in the world that you are! ANYONE WHO IS READING THIS! PLEASE TRY TO HELP IF YOU CAN! EVEN IF ITS A LITTLE SMALL THING! JUST DO IT! IT MIGHT MAKE A DIFFERENCE! JAPAN NEEDS OUR HELP! SO LETS ALL PUT OUR DIFFERENCES ASIDE AND HELP THEM ALL!!!

Japan Hang In There... )
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1- Jewelry For Japan Fundraiser!!!

Jewelry For Japan Fundraiser Bracelet

($5.00 hemp bracelets)
More Info and If you would like to buy it! HERE.

Image of For Japan

($20.00 corter leather bracelet)
More Info and If you would like to buy it! HERE.

Each bracelet is simple in design, and both donate to red cross. No title stamped on it or a tag or letters, Its a reminder of what we can do to help, and that we have helped. (both take paypal and credit card)

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] kazeyu <3

2- Facebook page "Let's put our hands together and pray for Japan."
Please Join the group! HERE.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] highland_flame <3

3- JE Family Fundraising Project @ [livejournal.com profile] jefamily: This community is a joint fund raising project for the entire JE Family to come and auction/bid for the sake of Japan, that has been struck by a massive earthquake and devastating tsunami. More Info HERE.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] tppwendy 

4- Ganbare Nippon Project In order to support Japan during this awful event, let's do a project together so that every and each one of us can show all around the world and for free how much we support and love this country and its inhabitants
They will do MV with photos and music. More Info HERE.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] yuuri_funkasy 

Information about SHOW YOUR HEART is now available in Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, French, German, Spanish and Italian. via http://gackt.com/language.html, and they are preparing to accept credit card donations in the near future! 


SHOW YOUR HEART project entry by [livejournal.com profile] aku_rin can be found HERE
Important Edit: The most recent post can be found HERE
Info on sending a message to Japanese DEARS as organized by [livejournal.com profile] ashura_oh is HERE
And the offer of awesome GACKT related emails to everyone who donates from [livejournal.com profile] gacktyougirl can be found HERE

Also @ [livejournal.com profile] ohgacktyoudidnt You can be part of [SHOW YOUR HEART] Overseas Dears Project! A trusted fan will transfer the money to SHOW YOUR HEART's bank account. for those who can't send to the bank account! HERE for more Info.

Gackt has an official Twitter! @GACKT
For translated Tweets! @gackttweets

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] amaiakuyume <3

For those of you who are short on money but still want to help out:

Free Rice is a game where for every right answer you get, they’ll donate rice to people in need in Japan.  
Source: community.livejournal.com
Will add more later!
Anyone know of more?

I Know this is off topic *sorry* but had to share these Kame pics I found on Tumbler!

006xah75    006x9kbz

He seems shocked and worried! *sigh*
I am praying and hoping for a better tomorrow in Japan!

Credits On Pic.

And You can follow me on Twitter! I always fast update through my Twitter account or FB account!


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Will add more later!
Anyone know of more?
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"Show Your Heart To Japan"

...Help Japan... & ...Show Your Heart...

...Pray for Japan...
A video have all available donation and other Info I have collected and shared before!
Feel Free To Re-Share! Spread Info all around the world! :)
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 Help Japan
Help Japan

LJ has made a Help Japan virtual gift, for Only $2.99.

If everyone at least can send one! It might help! I sent five to few of my freinds!
And I will properly send more later! 

It only 3 dollars not much! Hope all of you can help! at least by buying this gift!
LJ Thank You for making it happen! 

Update of the 12th Of March! Plus list of donations and shelters also more info! click HERE.

You can also Check Out [livejournal.com profile] help_japan. They are raising funds for Japan's Disaster.

Japan in my heart, my soul and spirit! I pray for the safety of all people there!
Minna they need our help lets try our best! And fandom has to stop for awhile! At least for me!

...Japan Stay Safe...
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Massive quake unleashes tsunami on Japan A building in Odaiba, a suburb in Tokyo, caught fire after the quake. (twitpic.com/48deqp: lune_wasabi)

Live Streams:
Al Jazeera Eng.

Google has opened a person finder app


On Twitter:
You guys can follow tweets from RT_com
Here. I guess it's informative enough.

Here is a list of all the relief shelters. (Japanese)

I know we all want to give our help to Japan and its people, but unfortunately there's people who take advantage of this to make money, so please when looking for an organization to donate to, first research. During Hurricane Katrina some people created phony organizations that were supposed to help the people in New Orleans, but instead were a scam. Unfortunately, the risk of this happening again during this disaster are high, so please be very careful, and research first.
All the organizations in these↓ lists are nonprofit, and well known, so you can rest assured that your money will definitely reach Japan, in this time of need.

If you would like to make a donation towards Earthquake & Tsunami relief
- List of organizations to donate to, for Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Aid compiled by MSNBC
- Text redcross to 90999 to make a $10 donation (it will be charged to your phone bill)
- For people in Canada Donate online @ redcross.can
- Network For Good has set up a Help Survivors of Japan Quake & Tsunami fund that will forward donations to any charities on its compiled list.
- The American National Red Cross has set up this fund: Help Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Victims
- You can also make donations @ Shelterbox
- LJ has made a Help Japan virtual gift, for $2.99.
- Global Giving has set up a Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Relief Fun (the have raised over $212,000 so far) [Accepts paypal]
[livejournal.com profile] help_japan and [community profile] help_japan(dreamwidth) are raising funds through fandom auctions. [Not organizations]
- The fund of support issue of the cooperation of GACKT with others to the victims is now available. HERE For more Info and Translation HERE.

***Special Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] shiroki_yousei for allowing me to re-share info!***


11th Of March )

12th Of March )

To all our freinds in Japan:
If you read this, and are able to answer, please let us know you are FINE!!!

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Happy Birthday Kazuya Sama!

Its already the 23rd on Japan! XD So! Here goes! *me screaming* HAPPY 25TH BIRTHDAY KAME CHAN~~~!  You have grown up a lot! And turned to be such an awesome/amazing/hot/cool/kind/etc.. man! Which me made love You even more than what I already do! Everything about you is perfect! You complete me! You Cheer me up! And You Bright up my life! And You who is so sweet and kind has touched my soul and my heart! Since the day I saw you! I felt Like this guy might be the one! This guy is more than what I expect! I Love,Respect,Admire the man named Kamenashi Kazuya! And I don't give a damn to what others might say or think! I am a loyal fan! Will Support him all the way! no matter what happens! Forever! So Kame chan please do your best! And Take a good rest sometimes cause you need it! Know that your fans will stay with you all times! :D

>>>I Love You More Than Life Itself<<<


Past Birthday Posts:
23 February 2009 [Icon,Wallpaper]
23 February 2010 [Icon,Banner,Gif,Wallpaper]

Icons, Banners [ Picspam: "Kame Through The Years" ]

Jpop: KAT-TUN [Kamenashi Kazuya]


Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Icons & Banners ) @ [livejournal.com profile] final_faith

Post will be locked in 3 days! ;)
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You Should get it! Cause after all They are KAT-TUN! <3 You won't Regret!
It will be sure an Amazing concert with Wonderful memories and lots of Love!

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I ❤ You So Much! My New Scanner!

I Got a New Scanner today and I must say it makes wonders! I love it so much! The pics are way too HQ,clean and sharp and I can do whatever I want with it! its soo cool and at the same time too easy! XD Lets have a look at these two photos I just scanned them! and oh there is many more to come! mostly Kame though! *is happy*


Tell me what you think of the Quality and how much you love these two? <3
oh and Guys No stealing~ or Re-sharing~ I trust you all~ *huggles*
p.s I adore KameDa ❤.
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Okay I was watching Ama Kakeru Ryu no Gotoku - Kenshin, Soshite Gackt DVD and it let to this! why? cause I couldn't help myself! check for yourself! you really can't blame my heart~mind~soul~ and so I say:

Its a crime to be this beautiful...


You are so pretty...

And with no doubt I love you...

to see the whole thing click Here @ [livejournal.com profile] final_faith
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God! ii just went to check my f-list! and OH MY GOD! I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE IT!

Should I be happy?
I am already! that calls for something!
LETS ENJOY! the hotness! in this little picspam!
of the SEXY HOT Kamenashi Kazuya!

do you wanna get killed?? )
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Hello every one ... its me .... kamesoul!
Any way i have just finshid watching one pound gospel
I got to say i really loved it ... it was amazing &hearts ...
and Kame was vrey vrey ~ greeet ~ goood ~ sexy & cute Love him! <333
I uploded ... these pics for you ... hope you like it ...


To The Rest!  )


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