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Jpop: Arashi [Sakurai Sho]
Jpop: Jr. [Ikuta Toma]
Jpop: NYC  [Ryosuke Yamada,Yuri Chinen,Yuma Nakayama]
Jpop: Kis-My-Ft2 [Hiromitsu Kitayama,Kento Senga,Toshiya Miyata,Wataru Yokoo,Taisuke Fujigaya,Yuta Tamamori,Takashi Nikaido]


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Jrock: HYDE
Jrock: GACKT
Jpop: Arashi [Matsumoto Jun,Ninomiya Kazunari,Aiba Masaki,Ohno Satoshi,Sakurai Sho]
Jpop: Kanjani8 [Yokoyama You,Shibutani Subaru,Murakami Shingo,Maruyama Ryuhei,Yasuda Shota,Nishikido Ryo,Okura Tadayoshi]
Jpop: KAT-TUN [Kamenashi Kazuya,Tanaka Koki,Nakamaru Yuichi]
Jpop: Hey! Say! JUMP! [Ryosuke Yamada,Yuri Chinen,Yuto Nakajima,Keito Okamoto,Daiki Arioka,Yuya Takaki,Kei  Inoo,Hikaru Yaotome,Kota Yabu]


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AOKI 3D Slim Suit CM HD Edited Screen Caps!
Okay I made these for fun! Cause I am so in love with the new CM! ♥
I Haven't Re-sized the caps! So they can be wallpapers as well!
He looks super hot *pretty* and way too cool in this CM! ♥
I love Aoki for making Kame do another CM!
I Really Hope you like some of these!

All Screen-Caps! )
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Hi Guys! so Here is it! My Graphics Community!
Its still new made! If you added me for my graphics you may as well join there!
cause all my upcoming posts will be there! and if anyone wants to co-mod with me?
so it won't be just my comm alone! if you are a graphics maker as well got it?! thats all!


WATCH/JOIN the community.
[livejournal.com profile] final_faith  is a Graphics community brought to you by [livejournal.com profile] kamesoul 
You will find things I make such as icons, banners, wallpapers, headers, gifs, sigs, fanvids, moodthemes and more.
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Kamenashi Kazuya Graphics BD Post:
(60) Icons. by kamesoul
(20) Gifs. by lie_chan_kame & kamesoul
(10) Wallpapers. by lie_chan_kame
(05) Friends Only Banners. by kamesoul



~To The Graphics~ ) @ [livejournal.com profile] kame_world 
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~Happy 26th Birthday~
~Ueda Tatsuya~

Icons (30)
Wallpapers (5)



~Tatsuya Ai~ )
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Whi I am finely able to post these as promised guys!
I made a post *really long time ago* if anyone wants a Kameda post!
and so I bring you these graphics which I really hope they were worth the wait!
The most charming,The most beautiful couple ever! KAMEDA! <333 My New OTP Crush!
*Hides from Akame*

Icons (20)
Wallpapers (4)
Banners (4)



!~KameXUeda Ai~! )
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Hello Guys~! I am pretty sure you saw the new hot magzine scans~!
He looks damn Hot ... Cool ... Amazing ... and simply really very pretty~!
I was going to make icons like always ...  but I thought wallpapers will be much better~!

Wallpapers [1280x800]:
Arashi: Matsumoto Jun (6)



~JunStyle~ )
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Matsumoto Jun Birthday Post:
Icons (26)
Wallpapers (7)
Gifs (7)
Header (1)
Banner (1)

*huggles Jun* )


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Happy Birthday Kamenashi Kazuya Pt1 { Graphics }

Its Icons + Wallpapers + Gifs for the birthday boy { Kazuya }

Icons (108)
Wallpapers (23) 

I made these .. cause today .. is a special a day ..
for me and for all of you I am sure .. We love him too much ne?
I made these .. full of love and happy feelings so I really hope you like them ..


Happy Birthday Kazu-Chan!! )


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Hi Guys...  whats up? good and Healthy I hope?

1- Download Links :

DL Links )

2- Graphics :

  • Icons (95)
  • wallpapers (4) (1024x768)
  • Banner (2)
Graphics )
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Hello !! Everyone!! whats up?
How is your holiday? having fun? I hope so !!
I wish you all the best & Marry Happy X-mas to you all !!
Anyway I made some wallpapers & Icons

Icons :
Kamenashi vose 2009 (18)

Wallpapers :
Kamenashi (1)
Akanishi (1)
Taguchi (1)
Tanaka (1)
Ueda (1)
Nakamaru (1)
Akame (1)

Preivew :

Icons + Wallpapers )
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Today Is
Masaki Aiba - 相葉雅紀 Birthday ..
He Is A member Of The JE Group Called Arashi..

Happy Birthday Banner :


For You Aiba-Chan I Say  )
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Hello .. how is everything ?!!
Hope your life is going just fine !!

I Just finished listening to color album ..
I must say I loved it so much !! Its Awsome !!

Any way I made few wallpapers :
Yamashita tomohisa (1)
Tegoshi yuya (1)
Nishikido ryo (1)
Masuda takahisa (1)
Kato shigeaki (1)
Koyama keiichiro (1)
KAT (1) 
TUN (1)
K-T (1)
Pin (2)
K-T Banner (1)

News+K-T+Pin )


[livejournal.com profile] news_jpop
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Hello Everyone !! Whats Up?
I have not made anything for awhile ..
well I am vrey busy .. (tests) ..


when I saw The Cut Scans Of Jun I went Crazy ..
I mean : he is way too hot .. and its too much for me really !! god I love him !!
He look so sexy and cool .. I love black on him .. it suit him really well ..
I had to make somthing from it .. and I did hope you will like it ..

Preview :

To The Sexy Matsujun )
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Hi evreyone I know Its a bit early .. But I cant help it !!
Happy Birthday !! Ko-chan !! You are 23 Today !! Love U Forever !!

Its Ko-chan birthday yay !! I love him so much !! We all know him of course !!
He Is : The 2nd T Of Kat-Tun .. and Has so many amazing things !! >> I will talk about later !!


Happy Birthday & 1 Gif )
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Happy Birthday Tat-Chan Hope U Will Have The Best Of YourLife !! ..
Happy Birthday Banner :


wah~ I Just made it In Time I Thought I would Miss his birthday cause I was gone ..
but somhow I manged to get back !! I Love Ueda Tatsuya so much !!!
He Is Really EvreyThing Girl would ask for !! Beautiful-Cute-Funny-Cool-Talented- Romantic...
We All Love him ... About The Banner Above ... Its has his too cute Part & Cool
I love that about him ... and I love his smile so much .. you cant help but love This guy Right ?
So On This Wondrful Day ... I wish For U Tat-Chan To Make Your Own Wishes Come True !!
I will shout Out Loud : I Love U UEDA-TASUYA FOREVER !!

Cant Help Loving You )
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Just a Little Something to Share With You <<<Chibi MatsuJun Picspam >> >

I say Again : Happy Birthday Dear Jun !!

I want you To see him from the day he was a child Until he grew up t be such a handsome man !!
He is so cute .. and adorable .. we cant help But love him Right ?! ... Hope you Will Like Them As much I did !!


Oh ... I Finshid ... so what do you think ? did you like them  ? Or not ? Isnt he so cute !? ...
Hope you did Like them !! He has amazed me since he was a baby !!
Matsumoto Jun Love you forever !!


[ ZShare -
Badongo - RapidShare - Megaupload ]

Note : Click on them for a bigger size If you would like !!
Cradits : I really dont know !! I gatherd them all around the net so if any of them is yours !!
Let me know I will handle it right away !!
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Hi Guys..Missed You ALL !! .. I Just got back .. And I wanted to shair these with you as I promised before...
(50) Wallpaper for The Best Band Ever : K-A-T-T-U-N !! Part TWO  << For Part One Click On Me >>

as Pairs : (15) Any Pair You Could Think Of !! In K-T ... 
Its (5)  groups so Let me Know wich one you Liked the most ne ?!!

 Samples :

As Promised Part 2 For The Pairs )
kamesoul: (Koki Says No)

(50) Wallpaper for The Best Band Ever : K-A-T-T-U-N !!

KAT-TUN as group : (1)

Kamenashi Kazuya : (4)
Akanishi Jin : (4)
Taguchi Junnosuke : (4)
Tanaka Koki : (4)
Ueda Tatsuya : (4)
Nakamaru Yuichi : (4)

Samples :

There is also a suprise that you dont want to miss !!  : 

Credit : For All : The pictures Are from
: [community profile] jone_records & [personal profile] vc_mel << Thank you !!


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